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Nostalgic or classic? How to style Sally in two different ways

The Sally parasol is a real charmer that brings a great atmosphere to any balcony. With its nostalgic and playful design, Sally fits into the aesthetic of many.

Read on to see how influencers Frederikke Kaysen and Olivia Frost, behind Instagram @idetgulehus, have used Sally in their interior design.

@frederikkekaysen talks about decorating Sally with coziness and comfort, while @idetgulehus uses Sally as a festive element in a stylish interior.

Get inspired by the beautiful interiors and see how you can style Sally in a variety of ways.

Have fun!

Nostalgic coziness with @frederikkekaysen

What does your balcony mean to you?
– My balcony provides a little piece of nature right in the middle of the city. Something I sometimes miss about living on the 4th floor - especially in the summer. But up here, I get a real outdoor feeling and a great view.

What have you thought about when decorating your balcony?
– For me, the balcony is an extension of the living room, where coziness and comfort are the most important things. So of course there are plenty of cushions and blankets. And it's furnished with furniture that can easily be moved around depending on where the sun is.

Describe a dream day on the balcony!
– My dream day on the balcony consists of a (late) breakfast in the sun, a painting session, followed by a nap in the shade of my parasol. Finally, I move the table and bench to the end of the balcony so that the sunset over the city can be the backdrop for a barbecue with my boyfriend.

Why did you choose the Sally parasol in green?
– The Sally parasol gives me the most beautiful retro vibes with a twist of the beach in the south of France. And I love how it's beautiful both inside and out in colors that match the living room on the other side of the door.

A festive touch at @idetgulehus

What does your balcony mean to you?
– My balcony means a lot to me. It's my sanctuary where I can just sit down and relax.

What have you thought about when decorating your balcony?
– It was important for me to have space for plants and accessories without the balcony becoming too crowded. The main purpose of this balcony is to provide space for both drinking wine with friends and curling up with a book. That's why I built the long bench, which has room for both and also serves as a clever storage solution so I can hide away all the clutter. It makes the balcony seem less "crammed" in my opinion. I've also thought a lot about where I want to sit in relation to the sun. I've generally noticed in my interior design that I always sit where it's bright - so I'm very keen to design accordingly. I have therefore chosen to place the bench against the wall because that's where the afternoon sun is. I'm still looking for the perfect armchair for the evening sun.

 Describe a dream day on the balcony!
– My dream day on the balcony is definitely sitting in the sun reading a good book with my cat and a cup of coffee in my hand. It just gives me a special kind of peace!

Why did you choose the Sally parasol in green?
– I fell in love with Sally in the gorgeous green color because I think it has the perfect vintage look. It gives me real 50s beach vibes. I want to sit all summer and drink lemonade under it. 

We'd love to see how you style Sally too! Feel free to send us a picture at info@balconylivingcph.com or tag us on Instagram @balconylivingcph and #balconylivingcph