Cube Color Triple for flower box

SKU: 13-13680

Cube color triple has space for 3 individual flower pots, and can be used both indoors and outdoors. The included sticks are placed at the bottom of each cultivation pot, and into your Cube, without replanting. The sticks will supply your plants with the optimal amount of water for your plants to thrive. The water level indicator tells you when to top up with more water into the water reservoir. Cube color triple can be mounted on your railing with the included brackets, or simply decoratively on your kitchen table. Extra Sticks are available here. 

Made in Germany. 
All Lechuza products are 100 % recyclable. 

Length:  40 cm. 
Width: 14 cm.
Height: 14 cm.
Inside pot: Ø10-12 cm.
Bracket Width Max: 5,7 cm.