Amorina parasol Ø200 cm

SKU: 101-6031415

  • UV protection +50
  • Solid wood two-piece pole
  • Timeless elegance and effective shade from the sun

Amorina parasol, an improved version of our popular Parilla parasol.

Amorina parasol - the perfect choice to transform your balcony into a cozy oasis. With its fusion of timeless elegance and effective sun protection, you get a parasol with style and unique charm. Enjoy not only the shade, but also the cozy atmosphere it will create when you sit under the Amorina parasol. With the ability to tilt the parasol for the perfect shade and built-in UV 50 protection, you can enjoy both a relaxed light and safety. To ensure that your parasol will last for long, it is recommended to always fold your parasol down when not in use. We recommend using our Solid parasol cover, which fits this parasol. Turn your balcony into a haven of style, comfort and coziness with the Amorina parasol.

Ø200 cm.
Height: 220 cm.
Pole: Ø38 mm.

Fabric material: 235 g. polyester.
UV protection +50.