Canto Cube Stone plant box 14 cm

SKU: 13-13472

Lechuza CANTO Cube Stone is perfect for your herbs by the grill or with a flower on a desk, whatever you choose to use the CANTO Cube stone for, your plants will love it! The integrated self-watering system with a water reservoir in the bottom provides water for your plants to keep them moist. The water level indicator tells you when it's time to fill up the water reservoir. See also the larger models of the Stone series: CANTO Stone low plant box 30 cm and CANTO Stone low plant box 40 cm.

Made in Germany.
All Lechuza products are 100 % recyclable.

Length: 14 cm.
Width: 14 cm.
Height: 13,5 cm.
Waterreservoire: 0,4 l.
Size of inside pot: Ø10-12 cm.