Diamant balcony flower box black 60 / 80 cm

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Black-painted balcony box made of 0.38 mm iron, with a diamond pattern onthe outside. The box is provided with a fold along the upper back side and is hung directly on the balcony edge under the railing, without the use of special suspensions.

The balcony flower box is painted black, so the durability can be increased by using a plastic insert when planting into the box. This will help preserve the black color inside the box and the durability of the balcony box is prolonged and will last much longer. 

The balcony box is produced in 0.38 mm iron dipped in liquid zinc. The balcony box is painted black.

Length: 60/80 cm.
Height: 15 cm.
Depth: 17 cm.

We only recommend hanging this type of balcony box on the inside of your balcony.