Autumn and winter balcony boxes

Suitable plants for your autumn and winter balcony box

In collaboration with the urban gardener Boe Sallingboe and Plantecenter Grønne Hjem in Valby, we have made a small overview of 4 different types of balcony boxes that could decorate your balcony here in the autumn and winter months.

Boe Sallingboe, who is a driving force behind Altan Alferne and Urbangarden, has created four autumn and winter balcony boxes suitable for the balcony.

We bought all the plants from a local garden center (Plantecenter Grønne Hjem) where we got a lot of expert knowledge from their gardeners. This can be a big help if you do not have much experience with plants and flowers in relation to the given season. We therefore recommended that you visit a local flower market or garden center where you can find an inpiring selection of plants as well as the necessary expertise before you get started.

See our entire inspiration gallery with autumn and winter balcony boxes below ↓

Presenting the 4 balcony boxes:

The edible, the wild light blue, the old ditch edge and the grandmother's cosy balcony box. 

The edible balcony box
Rosemary, Sage, Chinese Garlic, Palm Cabbage, Lemon Thyme, Spicy Thyme

 The wild light blue balcony box
Nepeta Walker´s Low, Silvermound, Blue Procupine, Elijah Blue, Vivelli, Aster Divaricatus, Siberian Squill

 The old ditch edge balcony box
Estrella Gold, Heuchera, Fairy Tails, Amellusasters, Red Baron, Crowberry, Snakes Head

The grandmother´s cosy balcony box
Geranium Rozanne, Sedum Spectabile Brilliant, September Charm, Ajuga Reptans Burgundy Glow, Echinacea Purpurea Magnus, Vild Tulips

Additional plant list:

Early flower bulbs that can give life to your outdoor space in the first months of the year:
Snowdrops, Crocus, Winter Aconite, Anemone, Squill, Snakes Head and Vild Tulips.

Tips and tricks:
In general, the chosen plants are happy to be kept a little dry. It´s only an andvantage if you plant them in slightly acidic soil, such as rhododendron soil, please avoid raw sphagnum.
When it comes to watering your plants at this time of year, the trick, according to Boe Sallingboe is that "you have to water a little but often, so that the plants don't get soggy".

You can easily place the plants closely, 1 plant per 10 cm, then they will look after each other and you get a wonderfully wild expression.

Regarding the color composition, what you prefer is a matter of taste, so it is up to the individual to find their own creative balcony gardener and create their own perfect balcony box composition.