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Technical Drawings

How much space does your dream furniture take up on your balcony?

Here we have made a selection of suggestions on how to decorate balconies in various sizes. We are showing products according to how they would fit 1:1. That way, you get a more visually accurate impression of how much space your upcoming furniture takes up could take up on your balcony. Many customers have told us that it can be difficult to imagine how much space, the furniture actually takes up. Therefore, we hope that our interior design proposals can help you make the right decision when choosing furniture for your outdoor space. We will add more suggestions as the season progresses. Below each picture you will find links to the selected products, where you can read more about each product and find them in our online shop.

We hope this can help inspire you to create your own dream balcony.


Big balcony (350 x 150 cm)

Small balcony (250 x 110 cm)

Ekstra small balcony (200 x 90 cm)

Long balcony (400 x 130 cm)