Regatta rope Lounge sofa - left side

SKU: 101-16289911

Regatta rope lounge sofa is made from eucalyptus and maintenance-free Regatta polyester rope. The polyester rope is extra durable and can withstand the harsh Scandinavian weather. Combine several of the Regatta rope lounge sofa elements  in order to create a larger lounge sofa. 

Cushions can not with stand rain and must therefore be taken inside during bad weather. Cushion covers can be washed at 30 degree hand wash.  

Complete length: 128 cm. / 108 cm.
Seat length: 112 cm. / 91 cm.
Complete debth: 70 cm.
Seat debth: 53 cm.
Back height: 75 cm.
Seat height: 33 cm. incl. cushion: 44 cm.

When you choose a left side lounge sofa, the arm rest will be located on the left side when looking at your sofa from the front.