GREEN® – The fabric that clears the air

On this page you can read a little about the revolutionary fabric type, GREEN®, which we are now one of the first in the world to offer.
GREEN fabric cleans itself and the air around you.

4m² of GREEN fabric can clear the air of the equivalent of a car's air pollution for a year. It's also the equivalent of planting trees, so it's a truly a green solution. See the test results that confirm this further down the page ↓

About GREEN®

There is a growing concern about air pollution among most of us. Especially in cities where pollution is more densely concentrated.
In response to this, GREEN® has been created. The first fabric that cleans the air through photocatalysis.

GREEN® is a better quality of life.
GREEN fabric is treated with a finish developed in collaboration with Pureti and NASA, among others, that continuously cleans the fabric and surrounding air using photocatalysis.
This breaks down pollutants such as NOx, SOx and VOCs. GREEN® is also self-cleaning and has a mold and mildew-reducing effect. So it saves you time, money, water, chemicals and energy. It's a bonus for both the environment and your well being.

You can buy a GREEN sunshade according to your own measurements here: Balcony sunshade made to measure.

How it works - Photocatalysis

GREEN is coated with titanium dioxide (TiO2), which is given photocatalytic abilities by sunlight. This results in the destruction of organic substances, such as grease and bacteria, that are found on the surface.

The GREEN fabric is coated with titanium dioxide (TiO2) nanoparticles.

When UVA rays hit the GREEN fabric, a chemical process begins that converts oxygen and water vapor from the atmosphere into OH and O2 cleaners.

OH converts organic pollution and other organic compounds into minerals and gas and turns into H2O.

O2 reduces nitric oxide (NOx), one of the most harmful gases present in the atmosphere, into relatively harmless nitrate.

This process is repeated millions of times to clean the surface and the air that comes into contact with it. It reduces nitrogen dioxide levels by 55% (Laboratory test, Fraunhofer Institute of Surface Engineering, Germany).

GREEN also produces an approximate mold/mildew reduction of 60% and has a self-cleaning effect of around 70%*.

*This data is approximate and may vary depending on environmental conditions.

The fabric

GREEN is made from durable acrylic (300g/m2) that is 100% yarn-dyed so it won't fade. There is a 10-year warranty on the fabric itself which, as mentioned, is also treated with nanoparticles for self-cleaning. The fabric is certified Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and has factor 50+ sun protection.

Test results

Pureti has won the iSCAPE project from the European Union to decontaminate European cities with photocatalytic technology. Recognized by Horizon 2020 as one of the ten projects that will shape the EU for the next sixty years.
The Pureti coating has undergone numerous tests and its capabilities are well documented.

The Fraunhofer Institute for Surface Engineering and Thin Films IST has conducted tests on the GREEN fabric and found a 55% reduction in nitrogen dioxide levels.