Terms and Conditions

General Information
When shopping at balconylivingcph.com the company you order from is:

Balcony Living Cph ApS
Tax number: DK34710260
Store in Copenhagen: Godthåbsvej 11, DK-2000 Frederiksberg, Denmark
Warehouse: Lunikvej 2A, DK-2670 Greve, Denmark 
E-mail: info@balconylivingcph.com
Telephone: +45 52585867 

At balconylivingcph.com you can pay by:

Bank transfer - When paying by bank transfer, you are not protected by the objection system.

There is no additional charge for payments at balconylivingcph.com.
The amount will only be debited from your card when the order is sent from balconylivingcph.com. 
A larger amount than you approved for the purchase can never be debited.

If you have received a discount code to be used in the webshop, you must use it before completing your purchase. It will not be possible to receive a refund of the discount after the purchase has been completed.

You have to pay shipping costs to get your order delivered. The price depends on the size and weight of the package as well as the shipping country.

Shipping costs:

We can deliver to many other countries by agreement. If your country isn't among our listed countries at checkout, please contact us at info@balconylivingcph.com and we can give you a price quotation.

We reserve the right to change the delivery method where it is considered that another delivery method is more suited to the nature of the goods or the size of the order. For example, the package may be too large for the chosen delivery point and therefore be upgraded free of charge to delivery by a different carrier. We may also change the carrier from GLS to Postnord or vice versa, if we find it necessary.

Often an order containing several items will be delivered in several packages, as the items may be shaped in such a way that they cannot be shipped together.

We strive to ship the entire order at the same time. However, for items with different delivery times, we may have to ship parts of the order before everything is in stock.

Remember to check the order for damage before the consignment note is signed. Any damage is to be written on the consignment note and complaints to the courier must be made within 5 days of receipt.

Specifically about balcony sun shades
Cancellation when buying a balcony sun shade:
We custom make sun shades according to your specific measurements, therefore the right of cancellation expires as soon as production has started. If you wish to cancel your purchase of a balcony sun shade, you must notify us as soon as possible at info@balconylivingcph.com. If production has not yet started, we can cancel the order. If production of your balcony sun shade has started, the order can no longer be canceled.

Production time:
You will always be able to find an estimated production time in the product description here.

Specifically about measuring tapes:
We offer a service where you can borrow a measuring tape to accurately measure your balcony for a balcony sun shade. The cost is €15, which is refunded as a discount when you purchase your balcony sun shade. The measuring tape must be sent or returned to us within 14 days of receipt. If we have not received the measuring tape within the deadline, we will contact you. If you do not return the measuring tape within 10 days of our contact, we will send you an invoice for it. 8m measuring tapes are charged with €100. and 15m measuring tapes are charged with €135.

10-year warranty on the fabric:
Our balcony sun shade fabric manufacturers offer a 10-year warranty on the fabric. See the warranty conditions below:
Standard colors Original and GREEN
Specific colors Original

If you cancel your order (right of cancellation)
Do you want to use your right of cancellation? Please use our return guide at balconylivingcph.com/pages/returns.
You have 30 days right of cancellation when you shop at balconylivingcph.com.
The cancellation period expires 30 days after the day you have received your order.
Within 30 days from receipt you must notify us that you want to cancel your order. Notification must be given at balconylivingcph.com/pages/returns or by e-mail, info@balconylivingcph.com. In your message you must clearly tell us that you want to exercise your right of cancellation.
You cannot exercise your right of cancellation by simply refusing to accept the order without, at the same time, clearly notifying us of this. There will be a processing fee of the entire cost of the unsuccessful delivery when refusing to accept the parcel or not picking it up at the parcel service. 

Do you need to return something? Please use our return guide at balconylivingcph.com/pages/returns.
You must send your order back to us without undue delay and within 14 days after you have notified us that you want to cancel your order. You will bear the direct costs for returning the order. You are responsible for ensuring that the returned order is properly packaged. You are responsible for the order during the time before delivery of the order to us.

Very large items might not be possible to return by regular postal service. This could apply to larger pieces of furniture. Please contact us by e-mail, info@balconylivingcph.com, if you can't return your order by regular post.

Condition of the product when you return it
You are liable for any reduction in the order’s value due to other handling of the item than what is necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and functionality of it. In other words - you can try the item in the same way as if you tried it in a physical shop.

If the item has been tried out beyond what is described above, we consider it as used, which means that after returning it, you will only get part, or none, of the purchase price refunded, depending on the item’s commercial value.

Therefore, in order to receive a full refund, you must do the same as you would in a physical shop. You may try the item, but do not put it into actual use.

Price reduction due to packaging defects or usage
The packaging is an important part of the product's appearance. If you wish to cancel a purchase, it is therefore important that you return the item in its original and intact packaging. Otherwise, it will not be possible for us to sell it as new to another customer, and we will therefore have to deduct an amount for the loss of value from the refund.

As a general rule, these discounts will be deducted:
- 10% discount for packaging damage (e.g. duct tape on the box or torn box when unpacking)
- 20% discount for missing packing material
- 50% discount for used goods that are considered to be re-sellable in a warehouse sale or similar

Refund of the purchase price
If you cancel your order, the price you have paid us will of course be refunded to you. In case of a depreciation in value for which you are liable, this is deducted from the purchase price.

If you exercise your right of cancellation, we will refund all payments received from you, including delivery costs (excluding additional costs resulting from your choice of delivery, other than the least expensive type of standard delivery offered by us). If only part of the order is returned, shipping costs will not be refunded.
Return without undue delay and in any case within 14 days from the date we receive notice of your decision to cancel your order.
We will carry out such a refund using the same means of payment as you used for the initial transaction, unless you have expressly agreed otherwise.

We may withhold a refund until we have received the item, unless you have supplied evidence of having returned it.

If you cancel your order, it must be returned to our warehouse:

Balcony Living Copenhagen
c/o Altanbutikken
Lunikvej 2A
DK-2670 Greve

What should I include in the return?
Enclose a completed cancellation form. You wil find it in the bottom of these terms and conditions or at balconylivingcph.com/pages/cancellation-form.
Note! We do not receive parcels that have not been sent by direct delivery or parcels sent COD.

If there is something wrong with the order (warranty)
The rules of non-conformity in the Sale of Goods Act apply to purchases of products.

You have a 24-month warranty when you shop at balconylivingcph.com. This means that you can have the item repaired, exchanged, refunded or a reduction of the price, depending on the specific situation.

It is a requirement that the complaint is justified and that the defect has not arisen as a result of an incorrect application of the item or another damaging behaviour.

How quickly should I complain?
You must complain within a “reasonable time” after you have discovered a defect with the item. If you are complaining within 2 months after the defect is discovered, the complaint will always be timely.

We will refund reasonable shipping costs.
If the complaint is justified, we will, of course, reimburse your (reasonable) shipping costs.

The item is to be sent to our warehouse:

Balcony Living Copenhagen
c/o Altanbutikken
Lunikvej 2A
DK-2670 Greve

We need the following information when you would like to return an item to us
When you return an item, please provide your order number and give a detailed description of what the problem is. Attach images when relevant.

It is not a requirement, but it facilitates our claim handling and minimises the processing time of the complaint. For a faster procedure you can use our return guide at balconylivingcph.com/pages/returns.

Note! We do not accept packages sent C.O.D. or similar.

Please remember that the item must always be returned well packaged, and make sure to get a receipt for proof of posting, so that we can reimburse your postage costs.

What do we do with your personal data (Privacy Policy)?
We need the following information for you to be able to place an order at balconylivingcph.com:

Telephone no.
E-mail address

We record your personal data for the purpose of delivering your order to you.

Personal data is recorded at balconylivingcph.com (Balconyliving Cph ApS) and kept for five years, after which the data is deleted.

When personal data is collected via our website, we ensure that it is always done with your explicit consent, so that you are informed about exactly what data is being collected and why.

The company’s management has access to the data recorded about you.

The Data Controller at balconylivingcph.com is Hans Kristensen, Telephone: +45 40592800.

We do not encrypt customer data we store.
We do not encrypt customer data that we transmit.

Information submitted to balconylivingcph.com is not disclosed or sold to third parties, and we do not record any sensitive personal data.

You always have the right to object to your data being recorded at Altanbutikken ApS. You also have the right to see the data recorded about you. You have these rights under the Danish Data Protection Act and enquiries in this context should be directed to the Altanbutikken ApS Data Controller.

We use Klarna as the provider of our checkout. This means that we might transfer your personal data in the form of contact and order details to Klarna when the checkout is loaded, in order for Klarna to manage your purchase. Your personal data transferred is processed in line with Klarna’s own privacy notice.

Right to complain
If you want to complain about your purchase, please contact info@balconylivingcph.com If we are unable to find a solution, you can file a complaint with the European Commission’s online complaint portal. You will find the complaint portal here http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/.

Cancellation Form
The form below must be completed and sent with your return package. You can print by saving the image to your computer and printing it from there or pressing Ctrl + p and choosing to print the page the form is on.

Cancellation Form

The Terms and Conditions of Sale were last updated on November 8th, 2023.