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Here you can find a variety of blog posts with inspiring ideas and suggestions for creating your outdoor space. There are also more technical blog posts on how to best protect your furniture during the winter months, which parasol and brackets are suitable for your balcony, and which plants are suitable for your balcony flower boxes based on which corner of the world your balcony faces.

We hope there is a helpful information for everyone!


We've created a visual moodboard for you, so you can easily get inspired by the products you're most interested in. The visualization helps you create your outdoor escape.

What our customers say

The technical drawings were very helpful. They gave me a clear picture of how much space I actually have on my very, very small balcony. I realized that I could fit a table, two chairs and a large, beautiful flower box :)
Lene from Aarhus
Thank you for really helpfull guides with lots of useful information. They made good sense, especially when it came to finding the right size for my parasol and the perfect parasol bracket for my railing. Thank you so much!
Lasse from Søborg
I was struggling to find a gift for my mum. Thanks to your gift guide I was inspired by what she might appreciate, when being a balcony owner with "green fingers".
Line from Copenhagen

More Inspiration from Us

Technical Drawings

On this page, we have created different suggestions on what you can fit on your balcony based on the size of your balcony.

Gift Guide

Do you struggle to find the perfect gift for a loved one? Let us help you. We have lots of inspiration that we would love to share with you.

Balcony Living Cph Lookbook

Looking for ideas to decorate your balcony?

In our online Lookbook you'll get the full overview of all our Balcony Living Cph products. Plus you can dive into how we've used our Balcony Living Cph balcony furniture to create beautiful balcony dreams.

Take a look and get inspired to create your own dream balcony.

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