Mounting and maintenance

Mount it yourself

You can easily install your balcony sunshade yourself. Watch our video tutorial below, where we guide you though the entire set-up process.

Start at the corner and weave in towards the wall
When you receive the package with the sunshade, the sunshade is rolled up. Keep it rolled up when you set it up to avoid bending or creasing the fabric. Start by weaving the sunshade through by the corner. Weave it in and out through the rails as when you measured until you reach the last bar. Secure lightly with cable binders or straps.

Weave all the way around
Then weave the rest of the sunshade all the way around the railing. Make large 'waves' in the piece you have already weaved so that the other end of the sunshade can be woven through without bending or creasing the fabric. Bring the sunshade all the way to where you want it to start on the opposite side.

Pull it tight
Go back to the side where you started and fastened and tighten the sunshade all the way around. You can now also lightly fasten it with cable binders or straps on the other side. Tighten completely on both sides so that the sunshade comes as close to the end bar as possible so your sail will be firmly in place and look sharp. Cut off the excess cable binder and hide the joint behind the bar.

Additional fastening
If you have chosen eyelets all-round, you can also fasten with cable binders along the top and bottom of the sunshade if needed.


Our balcony sunshades are highly durable, both in fabric and color. They are made from resistant acrylic (300g/m2) that is 100% yarndyed, so they won't fade in the sun.

The fabric is fully water-repellent and is pre-treated against rot and fungus.
Most stains can be easily washed off with warm, soapy water.
GREEN® is also treated with nanoparticles, making it more resistant to stains therefore it has less need for onoing maintenance.
There is a 10-year warranty on the fabric.

We have been manufacturing custom-made balcony sunshades since 2013, and we have yet to have a complaint or warranty claim on the fabric. So we can assure you that the fabric lives up to its promise.