Balcony interior design

€80.00 €120.00
SKU: 101-IN2024-1

Do you dream of transforming your balcony into an oasis of beauty and functionality, but feel overwhelmed by the endless possibilities?

Let our experienced interior designer, Zane, be your guide on the journey towards the perfect balcony interior!

Zane our Art Director, is an educated architect. We produce all our visual material for our Balcony Living Cph brand ourselves, and Zane is responsible for all the styling in all of our pictures. If you enjoy our universe, you will certainly also like her way of styling your balcony.

This service offers a personal and professional approach to creating your dream balcony. Please note the service is only offered in English. 

This is how the service works:

  1. Fill out the form
    We send you a questionnaire after purchase that you must fill out, where you share your wishes, needs and personal style preferences.

  2. Send us pictures of your balcony 
    Please take some photos of your current balcony and send them to us. The more details we have, the better!

  3. Wait up to 5 business days
    Let us get to work and perform our balcony magic! Zane will now analyze your answers and pictures to tailor 3 different balcony solutions for you.

  4. Receive your customized solutions
    After up to 5 working days, you will receive not one, not two, but three unique balcony design sketches, specially designed for your balcony. On each proposal there will be links to the products that can transform your balcony into your new favorite hang out spot.