Gaston barbecue table

SKU: 101-7810017

Gaston barbecue table

Exclusive barbecue table in eucalyptus wood with a granite stone table top. With this perfect table you can create great surroundings for a nice barbecue on your balcony. Gaston barbecue table provides you with a good work station with a comfortable height. The table´s iron frame is stable and covered in eucalyptus wood. The granite stone table top is both beautiful and highly functional, can withstand heat and is easy to clean. In the cupboard you can store your gas cylinder and there are holes for the gas cylinder pipes on the back. The table is mounted on wheels, which makes the Gaston barbecue table flexible and easy to move around.  

The size of the table fits these popular barbecue models: Weber Q1000 / Q1200 / Q2000 / Q2200 / Pulse1000. 

Debt: 50 cm.
Width: High table width: 60 cm / Low table width: 40 cm. / Total: 100 cm.
Height: High table: 82 cm. / Low table: 57 cm.
Inside cabinet:
Debt: 47 cm.
Height: 42,5 cm.
Width: 36 cm.
Total weight: 36 kg
Materials: Iron frame, eucalyptus wood and granite stone

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