Liva balcony flower box in galvanized iron, black - 60 / 80 / 100 cm

SKU: 101-43604202

This black balcony flower box is produced in 1 mm strong iron, which is heat galvanized. Where after the balcony box is powder coated black. The suspension bracket is extra strong and durable, which makes the Liva balcony flower box suitable for mounting on the outside of your balcony. There are very small holes in each corner of the balcony box so that excess water can run off. Please note that the balcony box weighs a little extra, due to the nature of the material. We recommend our customers to use a plastic plant insert, which can be placed into the flower box in order to protect the flower box the best possible way. Furthermore this is also practical when planting so you do not need to lift your heavy balcony box but can leave it on the railing. 

Measurements: 60/80/100 x 17 x 17 cm.