Let your imagination run wild and explore your inner bohemian

Over time, we have seen a myriad of different interior design trends. Some trends pass, while others have proven to stay relevant for much longer. Bohemian as an interior design style belongs under the later category. More and more people are tempted by the both romantic and playful style, which is characterized by the fact that there are no rules. Boheme, in other words, is not just an interior design style; it is a philosophy and a lifestyle where tolerance is the base. In a bohemian-inspired decor, one will therefore seek to highlight skewness, whimsical details, personality and above all seek to create a cozy and relaxed atmosphere.

The bohemian style we see today has taken a modern turn and is underlined by a Nordic twist that unites the colorful and vibrant with the simple and more subtle. The update of the style has welcomed, creative interior design solutions that allow you to give your balcony or terrace a both inviting and personal, but also light and calm expression. If you have also fallen in love with the modern version of the style, here are four tips on how you can create your own Nordic bohemian-inspired balcony or terrace.

Bohemian interior with textiles

Include natural elements

The natural and down-to-earth play a central role in the bohemian style. Furniture in teak, eucalyptus or bamboo can be a way for you to incorporate the natural and down-to-earth into your decor. Another way could be to include different flowers and plants in different sizes, colors and heights.


Combine textiles in different colors and patterns.

A boho style is traditionally a style where strong colors and different patterns are combined. But a more modern take has evovled, a more middle ground, where the wild colors and patterns can now be advantageously combined with bright and more muted colors and patterns to tone down the expression. Whether you choose to throw yourself over the whole selection of decorative pillows, seat cushions, matrasses, rugs or carpets - will be up to you. The most important thing is that with the soft and colorful elements you pave the way for a romantic and inviting balcony or terrace with space for peace and presence.

Bohemian mood with plenty of pillows and textiles


Add a little individuality with more personal items

The heart of this interior design style, is the imperfection. Which is far more dominant that perfection. One way to achieve the Nordic bohemian-inspired expression is therefore to search for both beautiful and more quirky fitems, preferably in different colors. It is these items that will help to give your outdoor space a more informal and personal touch.

Explore your inner bohemian with great accessoires


Create the athmopshere

If you want a bohemian-inspired balcony or terrace, you must also focus on the atmosphere that you want your decor to create. Your balcony or terrace should be designed for relaxation, coziness and presence and make both you and your guests forget about time and place. If you have followed the advice outlined above here, you are already well on your way. Now it is up to you to find the perfect balance and set the right mood for you.

Bohemian Mood with lounge and textiles