Green wall kit

SKU: 13-13399

With the Green Wall Kit from LECHUZA, you can create a space-saving and eye-catching herb garden on your kitchen wall. The Green Wall Kit contains an extra strong magnet for your wall. As well as three magnetic brackets for the 3 Cube color 14 cm flowerpots with a practical self-watering system, so they can be easily and safely be mounted on the wall.

Buy your favorite herbs, insert the stick into the flower pot and place it directly in the Cube. The LECHUZA self-watering system now supplies your herbs with moisture to keep them fresh. 3 Cube Color Flower Pot 14 cm is included in this item. Extra Sticks are available here. 

Made in Germany. 
All Lechuza products are 100 % recyclable. 

Width: 48 cm. 
Dept: 15 cm. 
Height: 14 cm. 
Magnetic bracket: 4 x 14 cm.
Metal bar: 48 x 10 cm.
The maximum total weight of one CUBE Color 14 with plants and water must not exceed 1.75kg.