Maxi Transat Batyline deckchair

SKU: 12-LFM2502-9266

Maxi Transat Batyline is a robust and very light deck chair from Lafuma. The chair can be adjusted in four different positions. Each position can be locked with a safety system. The fabric is UV resistant, can withstand a lot of wear and tear and is easy to clean. In addition the textile has a very good breathability and dries quickly which avoids mold or fungus to settle. You can easily fold it when the deck chair is not in use. The product is Ø-Tex® certified - which guarantees that the product does not contain any substances  which could can be toxic to either humans or nature.

Ø22 mm steel frame.
Batyline® Iso Textile. 

Width: 62 cm. 
Length: 77 - 83 cm.
Height: 94 - 96 cm.
Height of seat: 33 cm.
Max weight: 140 kg
4 adjustable positions.

Lafuma's quality products are produced in Europe and made to last for many years. There is a 5-year warranty on this product.