Malou teak box for grid 17 x 17 cm

SKU: 101-RX17171716

Malou is a beautiful little square teak box with a bracket on the back of the box that makes it easy to hang on your balcony grid. Many people choose to fill the box with plants and herbs. But you can also use it as a decorative and practical storage solution on your balcony.

Create your own personal green plant wall with our flower boxes for balcony grids. There are several models to choose from.
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Malou is a smaller version of the Molly balcony flower box, so they will match perfectly on the balcony together!

Width: 17 x 17 cm.
Height: 13 cm.
Width: 15 x 15 cm.
Height: 12 cm.

Teak wood, with inside metal frame and brackets mounted on the backside.