Parasol Alu Smart Easy 250 x 200 cm

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Compact and clever design of a durable parasol from Glatz that can handle winds up to 11 m / s in a horizontal fixed position. Alu-smart easy from Glatz is very easy to operate. The height is adjusted steplessly up to 210 cm below the parasol (total height 250 cm) The top of the parasol can be tilted steplessly with its tilt function, according to your shade needs. Parasol pole with 6 arms, in anodized aluminum.

The parasol can be used together with our different parasol bracket of Ø38 mm and otherwise we recommend a parasol base of 40 kg for this type of parasol.

Fabric: 100 % polyester, 220 g/m2. UV protection 98% / UV50+. 


250 x 200 cm.
Height below screen: 210 cm. Total height: 245 cm.
Pole: Ø35 mm. 
Parasolbase required: 40kg.

When strong winds, it is important that the parasol is closed. When the parasol is not in use, we always recommend closing the parasol and taking it down.