Parasol Novara 190 x 140 cm

SKU: 16-758-15

This square sunshade can be rotated in all directions and adjusted in height, so you can easily create shade and privacy on your balcony. The fabric can be removed and is suitable for hand washing.

190 x 140 cm.
Max height when tilted horizontally: 258 cm.
Max height when tilted vertically: 293 cm.
Pole: silver gray powder coated steel, Ø32 mm.

Fabric: 100% polyester 180 g/m2. UV protection 50 +.
Cover in grey, 100% polyester with zipper is included. 

When strong winds, it is important that the parasol is closed. When the parasol is not in use, we always recommend closing the parasol and taking it down.

Buy a suitable bracket or a base for your parasol. If a parasol base is used: min. weight should be: 30 kg. Alternatively: 25 kg base in combination with a bracket, where the bar is stripped to a balcony railing.