Tyge parasol bracket in galvanized steel

SKU: 101-80500-2

This bracket is custom-made for balcony railings. The strength and rigidity of the elements in the construction means that the overall stability of the bracket is extremely secure. The Tyge parasol bracket is perfect for a railing where the upper side is rounded. The bracket requires that it can be mounted all the way around the railing, where you can use it in two ways. The large metal plate can sit either above or below the rounded railing, depending on the type of railing. The parasol bracket is made of galvanized steel and the black version is powder coated. The parasol pole measurements can be max: 38 millimeters in diameter, for this bracket to fit.


The Tyge parasol bracket works for railings with a maximum height: 6 cm and maximum width: 8-8,5 cm. 

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