Measuring tape for balcony sunshades and color swatches

We only ship to EU countries for the time being ... We apologize for any inconvenience.

Product description 

Here you can borrow a measuring tape and order color swatches for our balcony sunshades. 
For housing associations in particular
If you live in a housing association that has selected a specific color that is not among our selected colors, we unfortunately do not have swatches for it. However, we can produce sunshades in most colors. We recommend that you contact us by email: and let us know the requested color number and / or name of the color before ordering a measuring tape.  

Measuring tape

We are constantly improving to make it easier and more convenient for you to order your balcony sunshade based on your own measurements. We've now made measuring tapes from our sunshade fabric so that it can be weaved between your railing bars just like the finished sunshade. This ensures that you get a more precise length measurement. 

Watch the video here for how to measure with the sunshade tape measure:

Color swatches 

Feel the quality and see the colors. Most colors can be made in both our fabric types - some only in the Original fabric type. 

Choose up to 5 colors from our selection. Swatches are sent with the measuring tape or by itself directly to you.