Sofie balcony flower box black 60 / 80 cm

SKU: 101-62603202

Sofie balcony box is designed with integrated brackets, so you can quickly and easily mount the balcony box on your balcony railing or railing. You just need to know the width of your railing so you can choose the correct bracket size. 

A plastic insert is recommenden to extend the life of the balcony box. We always recommend purchasing an additional plastic insert so you can increase the life span of your balcony flower box and the plastic inserts are approved for growing food as well. 

The balcony box is produced in 0.6 mm iron dipped in liquid zinc. The balcony box is painted black.

Length: 60/80 cm.
Height: 17 cm.
Depth: 17 cm.

We recommend that you follow the guidelines that apply in your property for hanging balcony boxes on the balconyrailing. If the balcony box is hung outside please make sure that it is secured appropriately at all times.