Trio Stone Planter 100 cm

SKU: 13-15046

TRIO Stone planter is perfect for creating a green wall on your balcony. The planter has Lechuza's self-watering system, which provides your plants with the water they need. TRIO stone has a natural stone look that creates a very nice contrast to your green plants. With 3 inner boxes that can be taken up with the integrated handle, you can easily move your plants and the planter around. Take a closer look at the TRIO Stone base which practically lifts the TRIO Stone planter from the ground and the TRIO Stone trellis for your plants to grow along. 

Made in Germany.
All Lechuza products are 100 % recyclable.

Length:  100 cm. 
Height: 34,5 cm. 
Depth: 32,5 cm.
Water Reservoir: 3 x 4L.
Planter Volume:  3 x 14 L.

See installation instructions on video below.