Solid furniture cover 142 x 75 x 75 cm

SKU: 101-AE1457502

When you store your lounge under a Solid Furniture Cover and extend the life of your outdoor furniture. The cover is made of the material Aerocover®. Aerocover® has a breathable membrane that transports moisture out and at the same time prevents water from coming in. 

The combination of the material's breathable pability and the sewn-in ventilation holes ensures a ventilation that prevents mold and mildew from forming on your outdoor furniture.

On the cover there is a practical drawstring that can be tightened and it will keep your outdoor furniture dry and protected from wind and weather out of season.
When you are not using the cover, it can be stored in the included bag.

Measurements: 142x75x75 cm.
3 year warranty.
UV protection.
100% waterproof ripstop lightweight polyester.
Storage bag included.