Lucas starter kit 10 coloured light bulbs

SKU: 35-69621

Create a festive atmosphere on the balcony with the Lucas light chain. The light chain can be used both indoors and outdoors. You can purchase several Lucas light chains and put them together, so you can get a light chain that holds up to 100 LED bulbs.

The Lucas series can ONLY be connected with the Lucas supplement chains, Lucas transformer and Lucas extension cords. The chain comes with a 3 meter extension cord and a transformer. You can choose to plug it into an electric socket or buy the alternative with a rechargeable solar cell panel. For the option with solar cell panel, the intensity of the light will vary according to how many chains are connected. As well as the time of season and time of day also will affect the brightness of your lights.

Length: 3 m.
Number of light bulbs: 10 LED light bulbs.
Can be connected to up to 9 supplementary chains from the Lucas series.