Olga balcony flower box dark green 60 cm

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SKU: 101-HS1775604221

We have named this beautiful balcony box Olga, as she has a timeless shape. The elongated oval-shaped planter has grooves that give it a retro vibe. This adds a wonderful tactility that's nice to touch. The balcony box is also equipped with a drainage hole in the side. This allows water to drain away so your plants don't get flooded.

Both flowers and herbs will look great in this box and bring life to your balcony. The Olga balcony box has an integrated bracket, so it's very easy to mount on your railing.

We recommend purchasing a plastic insert for the Olga balcony box. The plastic insert is approved for growing food and simplifies your planting process as the insert can be placed into the balcony box after planting.

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Length: 67 cm.
Height: 14 cm.
Depth: 20 cm.

Fits a balcony with 4, 5 and 6 cm railings.

The balcony box is made of 0.38 mm iron dipped in liquid zinc. It is then painted.