Black Friday Donation

In the past, we have with great success supported the Danish Red Cross Youth who during the difficult Christmas season provide support for vulnerable children and young people in Denmark. We have a tradition where we donate 50% of our turnover* on Black Friday to the organization. 
Although we have decided to celebrate Black Friday with great offers on the website this year, we will also according to tradition, donate 50% of our revenue* on Black Friday to The Danish Red Cross Youth.
*We support with 50% of the revenue on Black Friday – We donate up to DKK 15,000 (aprox: €2000)

Our support will help to organize Christmas celebrations with social activities for children who spend Christmas in institutions or hospitals away from home.  
The Danish Red Cross Youth has more than 3000 volunteers who are helping to make a big difference for thousands of children and young people in Denmark. Christmas is a holiday that can be difficult for many, both children and young people if they cannot spend Christmas at home due to illness, domestic violence, or family issues.  
Therefore, we would like to contribute to making a difference so that some of Denmark's most vulnerable children can participate in Christmas events where the harsh everyday life is forgotten, at least for a little while. The young volunteers of the Red Cross Youth need funding to organize Christmas celebrations together with children who are in hospitals, live in shelters, spend time in psychiatric wards and residential institutions. We think this is an important cause worth supporting. 
When you shop with us on Black Friday, you are helping us support the Danish Red Cross Youth.