Baser parasol base - 40kg

SKU: 20-GAR4200-40

  • Fits parasol poles from Ø25-Ø48 mm
  • 5-year spare parts warranty
  • Made in Denmark with 100% wind-powered production

Setting up the Baser parasol base is very easy. The parasol base itself is lightweight and therefore easy to move around. The strong handles on the sandbags make it easy to move them and the parasol base to the desired location. A patented click system ensures that any parasol with a pole of Ø25 to Ø48 mm can be securely attached.
Baser parasol bases are built to last season after season and offer a 5-year spare parts warranty.
The Teflon-coated olefin fabric keeps the product mold and mildew free, while the robust yarn dyed fabric ensures the color remains vibrant year after year. The base is made of Ravamid ECO material which ensures that the parasol base can withstand any weather.
The Baser parasol base is a sustainable alternative, produced in Denmark with 100% wind-powered production.

48 x 48 x 40 cm.
Suitable for parasols up to Ø3.3 m.
Fits parasol poles between Ø25-Ø48 mm.

Fiberglass reinforced plastic made from 100% ocean plastic and industrial plastic waste. Yarn dyed olefin fabric.