Baser sandbag for outside - 15kg x 2

SKU: 20-BOSDG215

  • Made from durable materials
  • Creates stability and security
  • Durable handles make moving the bags easy

Create stability and style with Basers Sandbags - a durable and stylish solution. These sandbags are the ultimate solution to hold your drying rack in place, add extra weight to your regular parasol base, or act as a doorstop. The possibilities are endless. Whatever it is, Baser Sandbags are a reliable solution.
With elegant Danish design from top to bottom, these sandbags add not only functionality but also aesthetics to your outdoor decor. They are easy to use - you can fill them with any kind of sand, making them extremely flexible and practical.

69 x 22 x 9 cm.

Yarn dyed olefin fabric with a teflon surface treatment.
Plastic bag for sand.