Bracket for Lechuza balconybox

SKU: 13-19033

Practical balcony brackets for Lechuza balcony boxes, suitable for both round and square railings, as well as for hanging on the wall. The bracket is easily mounted on your railing using the durable strap included in the bracket set. To ensure that your balcony box sits completely vertical and stable, a back piece can be purchased. The Lechuza bracket can be mounted on both the outside and the inside of your balcony and the screw adjustments, on the back of the bracket, make it easy to adjust to your balcony railing. You can find the seperate backpiece which can help stabilize your balconybox or also extra long straps here if your railing is very wide. 

Made in Germany. 
All Lechuza products are 100 % recyclable. 

Suitable for Lechuza balcony box 50 cm and 80 cm. 
The strap has a length of max: 38 cm and max weight: 25 kg. 

See installation instructions on video below.