Climate flower pot from urbangarden

SKU: 9-229180

With the self-watering climate flower pots (Klimakrukken) from Urbangarden, your plants adjust their water uptake themselves. This way there is no need to water every day and your plants will grow strong and thrive much better. The climate pot can be used both indoors and outdoors and is even approved for growing food. No color, UV filters or chalks are added, to this flower pot. The flowerpot has a sturdy look and a soft, subtle grey color. The flowerpot can endure temperatures from -35 to + 65C which allows it to be left outside all year. Read a lot more on how to plant in these beautiful flower pots on our blog. 

Ø38 cm / Height 48 cm / Volume 49 L.
Ø58 cm / Height 58 cm / Volume 139 L.

88% PP and 12% rubber, in 100% Danish recycled materials, at MP Plast, Ribe.

Designed and produced in Denmark.