Derby granite parasol base - 25 kg

SKU: 151-85897KBN

  • Space saving
  • Beautiful granite
  • Fits poles from: Ø25 mm - 48 mm

With the Doppler Derby balcony granite parasol base, you get a parasol base that doesn't take up much space. The rectangular shape allows the parasol to be placed close to the balcony railing. When placing the parasol base close to the railing it increasing the stability further. Adjustable with four plastic bases and practical built in handles. Therefore, the parasol base can be easily adjusted without damaging the floor. Suitable for parasols up to Ø200 cm. Granite, a natural material, can change structure and color over time due to weather conditions. To preserve its quality, it is recommended to store it dry when not in use for extended periods. The parasol base can be used together with a parasol bracket for extra stability.

45 x 22 x 16 cm.
Height pole: 30 cm.
Fits parasol poles with Ø25mm - Ø48mm.
Diameter reduction rings Ø: 4.8 / 3.8 / 3.2 / 2.5 cm.

Base: polished granite.
Tube: robust stainless steel.