Esther balcony flower box zinc 40 / 60 / 80 cm

SKU: 101-60804201

The balcony flower box made of iron has a fold on the back and is hung directly on the balcony edge, under the railing without the use of special suspensions. The balcony box is suitable for balconies where the width of the railing is from 4, 5 and 6 cm.

To increase the durability of the balcony flower box, use a plastic insert for your plants. The plastic insert is approved for growing food. When using a plastic insert when planting you can ensure a comfortable working position, as the insert can be placed into the balcony box after planting.

The balcony box is produced in 0.38 mm iron dipped in liquid zinc. 

Length: 40/60/80 cm.
Height: 15 cm.
Depth: 17 cm.

We only recommend hanging this type of balcony box on the inside of your balcony.