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Frey parasol bracket for vertical railing bars

€48.00 €60.00
SKU: 101-80510-1

Frey parasol bracket is specially developed to ensure stable and secure attachment of your parasol to the balcony rails. This parasol bracket requires that it can be fixed all the way around the vertical bars. It is important that this bracket is placed as high up on the vertical railing bars as possible and is tightened extra hard. In some cases 2 brackets will be necessary  in order to mount the parasol tightly. Please note, if the bracket is mounted too low on the railing, the parasol will not have enough support to be fastened securely. The parasol bracket is made of galvanized steel and powder-coated black. The bracket can be attached to railing bars with a maximum depth of approx. 5 cm. in order for the bolts to be fastened tightly enough around the bars.