Liva balcony flower box in galvanized iron 60 / 80 / 100 cm

SKU: 101-431004201

This balcony flower box is produced in 1 mm strong iron and is galvanized. This makes them very long lasting and you can therefore have these balcony flower boxes for many years. The heatgalvanized suspension bracket is also extra strong and durable. The balcony box fit the balcony edge width: 4, 5 or 6 cm. Very small holes have been made in each bottom corner of the balcony box so that excess water can run out. The flower box can be mounted on the outside of the balcony. Please make sure it is mounted securely with a screw through the pre-drilled holes. We recommend planting into a plastic insert, which can be placed into the flower box in order to protect the inside of the flower box.

Length: 60 /80/100 cm
Height: 17 cm.
Depth:17 cm.