Liva balcony flower box in galvanized iron without brackets 60 / 80 / 100 cm

SKU: 101-43600001

The balcony flower box is made from 1 mm strong heat galvanized iron. This treatment gives the balcony flower box a long durability and creates a robust product that can last for many years. The balcony flower box has small holes in the bottom corners so excessive water can run out. We always recommend using a plastic planting insert when planting, this can be placed into the flower box in order to protect the inside of the box and provide it with a longer life span.

Length: 60/80/100 cm.
Height: 17 cm.
Depth: 17 cm.

Are you looking for brackets to mount this balcony flower box to your balcony, you can find our entire selection of seperate brackets here.