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Parilla balcony parasol Ø160 cm

€85.60 €107.00
SKU: 101-8216022

Parilla is a stable balcony parasol with a two-piece solid wood pole. With leather reinforced corners at the end of each parasol arm. The parasol can be tilted so you can easily create desired shade. 

Ø160 cm.
Height 220 cm.
Dimension Pole: Ø38 mm.
Fabric: 100% polyester 235g. UV protection +50. 

IMPORTANT: Only the premium parasol cover Ø300 cm fits this model! 

When strong winds, it is important that the parasol is closed. When the parasol is not in use, we always recommend closing the parasol and taking it down. 

Buy a suitable bracket or a base for your parasol.