Stine solid color parasol - Ø180cm

SKU: 101-8111054

Stine solid color parasol - Ø180cm

The beautiful Stine parasol in solid color: nature with a tilt funtion and beautiful fringes. Perfect for creating shade from the sun on your balcony, a trip to the beach or in your garden. Stine comes with a bag so you can easily take it with you and transport it to wherever you want to go. 
To take best care of your parasol, it is always recommended that the parasol is folded and taken down when not in use.

Ø:180 cm.
Height: 200 cm.
Pole: Ø32 mm.
Fabric: 100% polyester 160 g/m2. UV protection 50 +.

If you would like to pair the parasol with a bracket, please note the size of the pole is: Ø32 mm so a bracket with the dimension: Ø35 mm or Ø38 mm is required. 

Buy a suitable bracket or a base for your parasol.