Vibia Campana Trough balcony flower box allin1 - 50 / 70 cm

SKU: 4-3741805042500

The Vibia Campana Trough balcony box allin1 can easily be hung on your railing! It's a complete set with a planter box, saucer and brackets that fits a railing up to 6.5 cm.  All you need to do is choose which flowers you want to plant and hang the planter on your railing. The lovely balcony flower boxes are made from recycled plastic and produced with wind energy from Elho's own wind turbine.

Length:  50 / 70 cm.
Height: 17  cm.
Depth: 26  cm.
Fits railings up to: 6.5 cm.  

Recycled plastic.