Amalie Sigrid's recipe for grilled flatbread with pea purée, halloumi, and greens

We will give you recipes that you can make and enjoy on your balcony all through the summer.

This year, our balcony chef is Amalie Sigrid, who creates and shares delicious and inspiring recipes on Instagram. 

She welcomes the grilling season and good weather with this delightful recipe for grilled flatbread with pea purée, grilled halloumi, and grilled vegetables 🌱 

The recipe is the perfect combination of crispiness with a rich grilled flavor and fresh ingredients. A true celebration of warmer weather and wonderful vegtables. 

You can easily make the flatbreads yourself, but they need to rise for an hour. So if time is short, you can also buy pre-made flatbreads and grill them instead. 

Feel free to save the recipe and print it out. 


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