Do you have a smaller balcony?

Most of us dream of a little more space. Especially on the balcony. Even though many balconies do not cover more than a few square metres, we want to spend as much time as possible out there, especialy when the summer comes and the sun is shining. That is why we have created a little guide for you who have a smaller balcony,and who would like to make the most of the space you have available.

In order to make the best possible use of the space on your balcony, you can choose multifunctional furniture and take a closer look at furniture that can be hung, or otherwise mounted, on the wall or the balcony railing.

Balcony Tables 
Let´s talk about suitable tables for balconies.There are many great solutions, including hanging balcony tables that can be hung directly on the railing. These tables can often be folded down so that they do not take up space when they are not in use. We have a wide range of hanging tables because they are very popular with our customers. They can be adjusted to the width of your railing so they hang securely and a practical detail is that you can raise and lower the height, so that it can both function as a dining table, but also as a lower table suitable for our lounge sofas. You can explore our entire selection of balcony tables here.

Another challenge we often experience with smaller balconies is that there is no space for a drying rack. Furthermore a drying rack is often not very charming to look at but at the same time, a balcony is the perfect spot to quickly dry your clothes in a sustainable way. Fortunately, there is also an option for that. We have developed a balcony table with a built in drying rack where the table top can be taken off and underneath you will discover a drying rack ready for use. That way, you can both dry clothes and eat lunch on the balcony at the same time.

Altanbord med tørrestativ

Balcony Chairs
When we talk about balcony furniture, of course we can't avoid mentioning the importance of having a comfortable yet practical chair. We have a wide selection of balcony chairs that can be stacked or folded together, so there are several suitable solutions here.

A question we frequently hear when it comes to chairs is, of course, but is it comfortable to sit in? How comfortable should a balcony chair be? Will you spend more time on the chair because you are dreaming of long dinners? Or is it more important for you to be able to seat more people? Folding chairs are often the most space-saving solution, and our new models with armrests are actually really comfortable.

Of course, there are balcony chairs that are more comfortable than the folding chairs, and here you should go for a model that can be stacked if you don't have that much space. One of our most popular stackable balcony chairs, we would love to highlight, is the Freja Wicker Chair with and without an armrest. 

Freja stabelbare altanstole

Another solution is, to choose, a classic storage bench, where you can store a variety of items such as: pillows, cushions, etc. But our favorite solution is to buy balcony chairs that are nice and comfortable enough to also be used indoors. That way, you can make do with a single set of dining table chairs, which can then be used both indoors or out on the balcony.

Below you can see our beautiful and durable Javi chair, made of oiled eucalyptus wood and maintenance free regatta rope.

Javi stolene kan bruges både ude og inde

Now we've got the balcony furniture under control, you're probably thinking that there isn't room for much more, but by adding just a few accessories the atmosphere on your balcony will become much more welcoming and cosy. 

Balcony boxes and accessories
We have, among other things, balcony flower boxes in many different sizes and materials, such as teak and metal. These can be hung directly on your railing so that they do not take up floor-space on the balcony itself. The small Alba or Mie shelf for the railing are also a popular choice when space is sparse.

Alba altanhylde

If a balcony flower box is not for you, you could consider taking advantage of your wall space. Here we suggest a balcony grid where you can hang everything from small balcony boxes in different shapes and sizes to flowerpots and hooks. A really great way to build a green plant wall.

Balcony Parasols
Although it feels nice to sit in the sun and absorb vitamin D, please also remember to protect yourself from the harmful UV rays. A balcony parasol does not need to take up much space at all. Especially if you use one of our balcony brackets, which allow you to mount a parasol directly on your railing instead of having to use a parasol base. If there is a lot of wind on your balcony or you need extra support for your parasol, we also have parsol bases especially designed for smaller spaces.

When you are looking for a parasol for the balcony, there are a few things you should be aware of. The first is what size of parasol are you looking for and how would you like to mount it on the balcony? With a base or a bracket? We have put this guide together to guide you on your way and make it easier to choose the correct parasol bracket

Altanparasol med beslag

In addition, there are multiple things to keep in mind when choosing the perfect parasol. We highly recommend that you look for a parasol with a tilt function, so you have more options to angel your parasol in order to create shade. You can read more about what is worth knowing about balcony parasols before buying one in our guide.

Enjoy and have fun planning and decorating your balcony!