How to decorate your balcony minimalistically

In Scandinavia, the minimalist interior design trend has gained great popularity and left its mark in many Danish homes over the recent years. The style is characterized by its simplicity, soft colors and the emphasis on quality over quantity. One of the reasons why it has become so popular, is amongs other things, because the calm and stylish expression of minimalism, creates the right framework for disconnecting body and mind after a long and hectic day.

But how do you decorate your balcony in line with the virtues of minimalism? Whether you want to decorate your new balcony or simply want to redefine your already exciting balcony interior, we have tried to create a guide which provides you with a good starting point on how to get started with your own minimalist project.


Understand the space you are working with

What is your starting point? How big is your balcony? How much furniture and how much accessories do you already have? And is there any room to move around? It is important to take the actual space into account before you really dive into decorating. A minimalist lives in the present and therefore seeks to limit material consumption so that only the essentials remain. If you want to get off to a good start, it will therefore be important to go through your belongings one by one and select the simple and stylish items that are either important to you or that say something about you and your style. And finally remember to have an eye for quality rather than quantity. If you leave space between the items, your balcony will appear larger.

Combine functionality and aesthetics

After looking at your balcony and selecting the items you consider to be useful, you can start planning the space. It will be important here to reflect on the balcony's primary function. What will you use your balcony for? Every object must have a purpose, and only the furniture that supports the function of the balcony should therefore be left. There is no reason to have four chairs to take up space on a daily basis if there are usually only two of you on the balcony. It will also be advantageous to orientate yourself towards furniture that serves multiple purposes - so-called "multifunctional furniture" - which should be both useful and nice to look at.



Choose colors carefully

The minimalism mind-set should also influence your choice of color. Feel free to use a neutral color palette combined with a fresh splash of colour. The minimalist interior design style is often dominated by the colors black, white, grey or beige, but you can rightly choose to add one extra color to create a more dynamic combination. You can also dare to go a step further and use different shades within the same color palette. For that purpose, you can include plants, textiles and simple, aesthetic accessories.


Make it more personal

Rules are meant to be broken. So we encourage you to combine the minimalist interior design style with your own personal style. You can do this by combining plants, textiles and accessories. Start by filling a balcony box or two with your favourite flowers and plants and find a decorative pillow for your balcony chair based on the color palette you have chosen. Make it more personal by breaking the sharp minimalistic expression that the elegant lines create and contribute to a more warm and welcoming style.


A common thread

Regardless of what choices you may make along the way during your minimalist project, it is important that you remember the common thread along the way. A good rule is to be conscious and consistent about the choice of materials, colors and shapes. If you take the common thread into account, you ensure that you follow the virtues of minimalism. And what is even better is that by using plants, textiles and accessories you have made the interior both personal and cosy.