Get inspired by Sofie Hammer's bohemian-inspired outdoor life

Calm and nature are words that recur when 31-year-old photographer and content creator Sofie Hammer describes her outdoor life. In just 23 square meters, she and her family have settled on a small farm on the waterside of Korsør, Denmark. With the limited square meters, outdoor life is enjoyed to the maximum. Here, Sofie, her husband Mads and the couple's three children have created cozy oases that follow the sun all year round, from early spring to the last ray of sunshine in October. For Sofie Hammer and her husband, it has been an active choice to move the family away from city life and into nature. Here, life is lived in a slower rhythm, where time and presence are common themes. We asked Sofie Hammer to put into a few words what outdoor life means to her.

Sofie Hammer med Rozette teak klapbord og Freja Fletstol

Image 1: Sofie Hammer with Sunqueen teak bench and Rozette round teak folding table. Image 2: Rozette round teak folding table with Freja wicker chair.

What does your outdoor space mean to you?
– For me, my outdoor space is a creative sanctuary where I can play with plants and interior design in a completely new and different environment than my four white walls allow indoors.

How do you use your garden and outdoor space in your everyday life?
– It's a place where I find peace, reflect on my thoughts, host romantic moments, do physical activities such as yoga and play ball with the kids. I enjoy the sun in comfortable furniture where my body can really relax.

How would you describe your style?
– I love a bohemian style, warm burnt colors, lots of plants, all kinds of wood, nice cushions and blankets. A calm style with a bohemian touch.

Regatta Rope Lounge Sofa Left med Rozette round teak folding table.

What's important to you when creating your outdoor spaces?
– It's important for me to have small spaces here and there so I can easily move around and follow the rhythm of the sun. So small spots around the courtyard are important for me to prioritize. In addition, plants and flowers are crucial for creating a cozy atmosphere.

You're a big advocate of slow living - what does slow living mean to you?
– I prioritize self-care, which for me includes yoga every day, swimming in the sea all year round, jogging and having a quiet moment with a cup of coffee, and much more. In addition, we have decided against daycare for the little ones and this means more time together as a family every day of the week with all that it entails of playing in the garden, the kids helping to build and generally helping with the day's projects.

Image 1: Sofie Hammer with Stine Stripe parasol in Olive. Image 2: Sunqueen teak bench with Bodil bamboo grid and Ovalina plant box. 

What made you get interested in it?
– I wanted to be with my children as much as possible while they are young and while they have a strong need for affection. In addition, it's been possible for us to tap into the fact that I'm self-employed and my husband is a stay-at-home parent, and we've to some extent swapped gender roles.

You currently live in the countryside with your family - what made you choose this?
– I was originally born and raised in Østerbro, Copenhagen. After living in Canada for a year, I realized that I needed a garden and nature nearby instead of the wild city life. It's liberating to be able to send the kids outside in any weather and have a 5-minute walk to the ocean. It's crucial for my inner peace.

We hope that with inspiration from Sofie Hammer's beautiful outdoor universe, you can make the most of your own outdoor space - enjoy!