Kick-start the balcony box season

Flowers or herbs, kick-start summer with robust plants that can brighten up your balcony boxes right now.


Many types of herbs and decorative plants dislike being in direct sunlight all day. They will often thrive much better in balcony boxes on east and west-facing balconies. And even if you have a north-facing balcony with no direct sun, there are plenty of opportunities to grow beautiful and delicious plants in your balcony boxes.

Edible plants and herbs that like a balcony placed in the shade:

  • Wild strawberries often grow in the forrest in soil placed in the shade, so they can easily be grown on a balcony with shade.
  • Wild garlic also originates from the forest and also thrives in the shade.
  • Chives are delicious and exceptionally hard to defeat, even on a shady balcony.
  • Mint, for tea or cooking, doesn't really care which way your balcony faces.


Decorative plants that enjoy a balcony in the shade:

  • Ivy is very fast-growing - even in the shade - so you need to be careful that it doesn't outgrow you on your balcony.
  • Ferns come in a wide range of varieties, but what they all have in common is that they are usually found on the forest ground and are therefore used to living in shade.
  • Busy Lizzie can flower almost all year round and multiply quickly, even in partial shade, making it very suitable for your balcony flower boxes now.
  • The hydrangea family covers a wide range of plants that don't require a lot of sun. There are several hydrangea that have been bred to withstand the harsh Scandinavian winter, so look for 'Bella' (reddish purple), 'Alma' (white), 'Clara' (blue) and 'Dorthea' (pink) for your balcony.


We have both balcony boxes with a very simple look, but also models that allow you to freshen up your balcony with all kinds of colors. If you prefer a more warm and natural look, we have beautiful teak balcony boxes and if you prefer the minimalist look with clean lines, we also have a large selection in, for example, zinc and galvanized iron.

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