Find your balconytype! - The creative ones

We've previously shared our take on the three classic balcony types, which you can find here. If you didn't think those types were quite right for you, luckily, there's help at hand. Here we present four more types of balcony owners with more specific interior design needs.


The Social Butterfly
For the social butterfly, the balcony is not just a place for dinner, but for all kinds of parties. It's where friends and family gather. It's a place to laugh, hug and talk late into the night. That's why it's important to create the right relaxed atmosphere for good company. With our lounge series, you can set the scene and create a comfortable and elegant interior design. Explore two of our lounge series, each with their own aesthetic.

Image 1: Regatta Rope Lounge. Image 2: Beate Bamboo Lounge.

The Foodie 
Are you the type of person who lives and breathes cooking? And do you see your balcony as an extension of your kitchen? Then a barbecue table is a must-have in your outdoor space! Explore our wide range of elegant and practical barbecue tables that fit into many types of outdoor spaces. Add balcony flower boxes with your favorite herbs and edible plants and you have a balcony that will make any foodie envious.

Image 1: Dora Metal Barbecue table with Mie shelf. Image 2: Dora Barbecue table Eucalyptus Wood.

The Plant Lover
For those of you who immediately think green oasis when you think of a balcony. Your outdoor space should be bursting with plants and flowers. That's why the interior design should focus on finding the best accessories for your plants. This includes flower pots and balcony boxes that are practical as well as aesthetically pleasing. You can also consider a balcony grid that creates a beautiful and vibrant plant wall and saves floor space on your balcony.

Image 1: Climate Flowerpot + Maja Balcony Flowerbox. Image 2: Maja Balcony Flowerbox.

The Juggler
Are you one of those people who like to devote themselves to more than one thing at once and want to express this on your balcony? Then your balcony furniture should also be versatile. Therefore, you should think about multifunctional furniture for your outdoor space. For example, with a hanging table that is a dining space and practical clothes rack in one. Or with a storage bench, which provides a comfortable place to sit, but can also store many useful things for the balcony.

Image1: Agnes storage bench with Alba shelf. Image 2: Alma hanging table mit Javi chair.

We hope that our guide has helped you learn more about your type and hope you enjoy decorating your balcony!