Louisa Lorang's recipe for grilled vegetables with chimichurri

Chef and cookbook author Louisa Lorang, known from the Danish TV show: "GO' Morgen Danmark" and "Maddysten", has helped us make summer barbecue recipes this year.  

Throughout the summer, we'll be sharing her favorite dishes to eat on the balcony, starting today with grilled vegetables with chimichurri.   

Chimichurri is an Argentinian barbecue sauce that is most often served on grilled meat. But it's also great with vegetables!  

Use whatever vegetables you have or mix some meat and vegetables together and top with the sour, spicy sauce. It is therefore a dish that can easily be used to empty the fridge. 

TIP: Try putting chimichurri on a grilled hot dog with a chorizo sausage! "Soooo good!" 🤤

Together with Louisa, we will be bringing you more recipes throughout the summer. So, make sure to follow us on social media or get updates from our newsletters 💌