3 ways to utilize your balcony

A balcony has many possibilities in order to make the most of the space. We're going to show you three ways our Creative Director Trine uses her balcony. We hope you'll be inspired to use your balcony to its fullest potential!

The recreational space
It can be nice to have some extra space to get creative. Especially if your creative project can get a bit messy.

Trine is not much of a flower girl, so she likes to fill her balcony boxes with flowers a couple of times a year. Because she tends to forget to water her plants...

But she always plants her balcony boxes on her balcony. That way she doesn't have to worry about how much the soil makes a mess in the kitchen or living room.

Trine's motto is: "The more personalized you make your balcony, the more you will enjoy being there". This applies to every room in the home.

A new workspace
The period during the Covid-19 pandemic was certainly not easy. But it taught many of us that we can also work from home.

With a husband and two children in the apartment, Trine needed to get out and clear her head when she had to work.

That's when Trine realized that a balcony has another great option: as a home office!

She quickly grabbed the four most essential items:
- A table
- A parasol
- A chair 
- A bracket for the parasol

That way, she can easily sit and work even when it's broad daylight and the sun is at its brightest. And the clever tilt of the parasol means she can also work in the late afternoon hours.

The relaxed space
Trine has a strong focus on making her balcony feel cozy.

Her furniture should be comfortable to lounge around in, and her table should be foldable so that even more people can come out and enjoy the little oasis.

"Hygge" is also synonymous with flowers and window boxes in Trine's world. That's why she always plants plants early in the year, so she can make the most of the summer and the balcony season.