Equipment for your barbecue

The grill season is in full swing, so it's time to tell you a little bit about our barbecue equipment.

Our barbecue tables are perfect in order to create a stable barbecue station on the balcony. A comfortable and convenient piece of furniture to place your barbecue. 

The tall barbecue table with a black granite top is ideal for a small grill, such as one of Weber or Morsøe´s small gas grills. The table provides a good working height and perfect working conditions for a great barbecue on the balcony.

The black granite table top is not only beautiful, but also a great surface to place a warm barbecue on, as it can withstand very hot temperatures and of course, it's easy to clean.

Image 1:Gaston barbecue table with a practical cupboard. Image 2: Dora barbecue table 50x40x70 cm in combination with Dora low barbecue table

The rest of the furniture is made from oiled eucalyptus wood, which has a warm glow that contrasts well with the granite top. Oiled eucalyptus is similar to teak, is durable and has a long lifespan when it is taken good care of. We also offer practical covers for many of our barbecue tables. 

Image 1: Dora barbecue table 60x50x70 cm in combination with Sara Grid Panel.

Some of our barbecue tables consist of different modules, so you can assemble a barbecue table that suits the size of your balcony and allows you to create a cozy barbecue environment on your balcony with herbs, maybe a little minibar and practical extra storage space for your food.

To create some practical barbecue fun, you can hang one of our balcony grids on the wall close to your barbecue, so you can keep herbs, barbecue utensils and all the other essentials close at the ready. Of course, herbs, chili etc. can also be planted in one of our many beautiful balcony boxes or a smaller plant boxes.

Image 1: Liva balcony box with fresh herbs. Image 2: Sara grid with plant boxes, we have a wide range of different sizes.